Our Mission

To earn our customer’s trust and loyalty by providing the absolute best service, advice, and buying experience regarding any bicycle related situation. 


We know bikes, we love bikes…

Bike Ohio is a full service bicycle shop in Bainbridge, Ohio.  We know bikes, we love bikes, and our goal is to create an atmosphere where anyone who rides a bike is welcome.

If you know that Fairmount Rd is steeper than Cedar Rd when climbing out of the valley, monitor your heart-rate, know your ideal cadence, shave your legs, and own 3 Strava KOM titles, then you will be amongst peers when you visit Bike Ohio. We will talk aero vs ultralight and debate stiffness vs weight all day long. If you are curious about interval training or working on your “base” in the off months, we hope to become your bicycle shop of choice.

If you have never had a computer mounted to your bars, could care less about how many grams your tires weigh, know every turn on the towpath, still ride platform pedals, consider a hoodie or a flannel shirt to be excellent riding gear, or think that fenders and bells are cool, you will not feel alone when visiting Bike Ohio.

If you dress like you are about to play hockey before dialing your suspension, understand how to drift a front tire drag while laying it down, and know exactly why dropper posts are the best thing ever, then we will think like you do when you walk into Bike Ohio.

If you changed your hard-tail to better handle Bit-O-Honey, riding at The Knob felt better with a shorter stem, if the Strongsville Metro Parks recently climbed up a huge peg in your book, then come into Bike Ohio where we love bikes like you do.

Bike Ohio is a retail bicycle shop dedicated to embracing all forms of bicycle riding (unless you are hooking up a gasoline engine to your bike, then seriously, do not bring that thing in our door.)