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Online Auction: 2015 Charge Cooker Maxi 2 size MEDIUM

OK... so it's December which means it is the time of year that we here at Bike Ohio give back. We take, we take, and we take and it is time we give back!
Here is what we are going to do:
See this here fat bike? It is awesome. It retails for $1750. We are going to sell it here on FB in an auction format. Make us an offer (any offer - seriously) and in one week on December 10th at 3:00pm the highest offer gets this fat bike.
Here is what makes Bike Ohio cool.... We will take 100% of the money from the sale of this bike and use 100% of it to purchase bikes for kids for Christmas.
Any money that you guys choose to bid on this 2015 Charge Cooker Maxi 2 size MEDIUM will go to buy kids bikes for Christmas!
If the highest bid is $200, we will use $200 to buy bikes for kids for Christmas! If the highest bid is $1000, we will use $1000 to buy kids bikes for Christmas!
**On a related note, if you know of any families that could use a new bike for their kids for Christmas please send us a message on FB. We will keep all correspondence completely confidential and you will never be mentioned.

High School ( & Youth) Race Team Meeting

*Please invite anyone you know who has kids who would want to race bicycles!

After a long and successful season, Bike Ohio is finally ready to get started on our high school (and youth) race team.

During the spring and summer months sales and service at the shop kept us distracted and sufficiently busy. Now that we have made it to the winter months, we have a little bit more time to dedicate to getting the "Under 21 Team" up and riding.

On Thursday December 8th at 6:30 PM we will be having an informal meeting at Bike Ohio to discuss everything you need to know about the team. We will provide a flyer with a bullet point list instructing parents and potential racers what to do next to join our team and race with us in 2017. Everyone is welcome and attendance is strongly recommended. If you are interested in your child training/ riding/ and racing with other similarly aged and experienced teenagers/ children then this team is specifically being created for you. We want to create a community around riding bicycles where the upcoming, younger generation can ride, train, and love bicycles the way we do. We thought it would be cool to if we had some strong, responsible male and female role models to introduce cycling culture to kids/ teens.

Once again, everyone is welcome. This is informal. Come out to the meeting. Our goal is to answer as many questions as we can and provide an introduction to our sport