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Bike Services

From minor installs to full restorations, there's no problem too big or small for our insanely talented bike mechanics. Our goal is to get you back on the road or trail faster than anyone else.


lite tune-up


Inspect Frame, Fork, and Components
Brake and Shifting Adjustment
Minor Wheel Truing
Chain, Housing, & Derailleur Lubrication
Torque Anchor Bolts
Frame Wipe Down



Everything from Light Tune-Up plus:
Inspect Frame, Fork, and Components
Bottom Bracket Adjustment
Cables & Housings Lubrication
Chainring Bolts Tightening
Crank Bolts Tightening
Headset Adjustment
Pedals Wear Inspection & Tightening
Front/Rear Hub Bearing Adjustment
Stem Bolts Check
Derailleur Hanger Alignment
Front/Back Derailleur Adjustment
Wheel Tension & Truing
Torque Anchor Bolts to MFG Spec
Full Bike Wipe Down

Full overhaul


Everything from Tune-Up plus:
Remove, Degrease, and Clean Entire Drivetrain
Rebuild and Repack All Bearings
Install New Brake/Derailleur Cable, Housings
Full Bike Detailing

Plus receive discounts on extended services:
20% Off Brake Bleed
20% Off Suspension Service


Unlimited Tune-Ups


Starting at $25/month

Our new Bike Ohio Club offers incredible value on your bike's maintenance throughout the year. We've included many of our most requested bike services and paired them with kick-ass members-only discounts on components, gear, and more. If you like to put the miles on, this club is for you!




Adjustments / Overhauls

Bottom Bracket Face/Chase: $20
Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $15 and up
Brake Adjust: $10
Brake Bleed: $25/per
Chain Clean/Lube: $10
Derailleur Adjust Rear: $15
Derailleur Adjust Front: $10
Headset Overhaul: $15
Hub Adjust: $10
Hub Overhaul: $35
Seat Height: Free
Suspension Overhaul: $75-$125
Tire Pressure:  Free
Tubeless Tire Setup: $20 and up
Wheel True: $15-$25


Bar Tape Install: $15
Bottom Bracket Install: $15 and up
Brake Cable Install: $10
Cog/Cassette Install: $10
Crank Install: $10
Chain Install: $10
Fender Install: $15
Fork Install: $35
Handlebar Only Install: $10-$25
Headset Install: $20+
Kick Stand Cut & Install: $10
Rack Install: $12
Shift/Brake Cable Install: $10 (additional for internal)
Tube/Tire Install: $10


builds & Fittings

Bike Fitting Session: $75 (included in purchase of a new bike!)
Boxed Bike Build: $75
Custom Wheel Build: $50 and up
Custom Bike Build: Variable
Pack & Ship a Bike: $75